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Please be informed that on the basis of the regulation issued on December 21, 2020, we are not able to continue operations until further notice.

The decision to close the clubs is very difficult for us, but we made it because we do not want to expose the company, employees, or you to health and safety inspections, fines, penalties and police visits.

Bearing in mind this situation, we would like to ask you to continue the payments, as this will allow us to maintain business continuity, jobs and reopen for you.

As part of the payment made, we offer you the following form of settlement of the above payments for the club’s closing period:

Your monthly installment will be proportionally reduced (depending on the length of the club closure) by the calculated fee for closing the club / will be calculated from the next billing period from which our club will be opened.

If the club is opened on 18/01/2020 – proportional reimbursement will take place within 3 consecutive months.

In the event of a possible extension of the closure of the club – the return will be made within the next 6 months.

Prepaid contracts will be extended for the club closure period.

If you do not want to pay during this period, please complete and send the form:

If you have additional questions, please contact us at the e-mail address:

We remind you that our Members have the opportunity to train online with our Instructors in the GYMSTEER application. We will soon expand the training offer.

To get free access to trainings in the application, please fill in the form.

We look forward to seeing the clubs reopening and hope to see you soon.

Your Holmes Place team