Dear Member,

Several weeks have passed since the reopening of Holmes Place clubs.

 We will be grateful for taking a short moment to complete the survey (6 questions). Your opinion on the preparation of clubs and the implemented hygiene and safety rules is very important to us, because we want everyone to feel comfortable with us, able to achieve their sports goals.

The survey is anonymous.

1. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 - very satisfied, 1 - completely unsatisfied), specify how satisfied you are with the clubs in terms of hygiene and safety: *

Share with us your suggestions and opinion on the above topic:

2. What actions taken by Holmes Place give you the greatest sense of comfort and security during a visit to the club? (several answers can be given)

Other (what?)

3. Have you agreed to sign up for a free re-program training plan that is available as part of Holmes Place RECOVERY PLAN? *

Remember that if you want to arrange to re-program, please report it to the club reception.

4. Would you like to participate in outdoor group training?

5. What forms of outdoor training would you like to participate in?

Other (what?)

6. Would you be interested in personal trainings conducted outdoors (specially prepared zone, dedicated to Holmes Place Club Members)?

Thank you for your time. See you at the club!